Oto Kano

To be strong and bold, we have to let go of what everyone else thinks we should do. We have to let go of trying to finely control ourselves to fit into their standards.
— Dr. Oto Kano

The Idea

By letting go of this control we can create the space to discover how beautiful we really are. To pay attention to the special things in us and ignore the stuff we’re not so good at. Once we see the splendour already living within us, showing the world who we are is easy peasy.

Taking a moment to stop and look at a piece that catches your eyes gives you a moment to stop and listen to what the inner-you wants you to know. What do you see in that piece? The real you will always help you see what is most important to you.

Style & Process

Colourful, complicated, and intricate. So many details, you'll see something new each time you look into your painting.

I let go of control in my painting process. I let the colours flow into each other and show me what they can create. Instead of control, I explore each painting to discover what story it contains. Each Oto Kano piece is absolutely a one of a kind, unrepeatable beauty.


The Artist

I’m a self-taught painter who started painting at 36. I like to bring a scientific experimental approach to my art. I am British-Japanese and have a PhD in Human Computer Interaction. I have Bipolar, ADHD and Dyslexia.

I love answering questions, so if you are looking for artists to interview, shoot me an email at oto@otokano.com and we’ll make it happen together.